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529 Wilbraham Road,
Chorlton, Manchester
M21 0UE

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Sadly, we have to inform our clients that
StudioBea won’t re-open for some time yet.
On 12th July we had a fire in salon. It happened over night.
The cause of fire stated in official Fire Brigade Manager’s report as an electricity fault. It was caused by one faulty ceiling light in the cellar. It was an accident. Nobody was injured in the fire and the alarm was raised by residents occupying the flats upstairs.
We are fully insured and we have valid safety certificates including electricity certificate.
The salon will be re-built inside out, and fully equipped with brand new furniture, fittings and fixtures.

We don’t yet how long it will take as we need to coordinate a work of professional teams from builders to cleaners. The main fire damage is in the cellar area, and rest of the building was damaged by smoke.
We are deeply sorry for all cancellations and inconvenience which our temporary closure will cause. We would like to thank Manchester Fire Service for everything they did to save the business.
We would like to thank you all for your fantastic support over years and for your patience in advance.

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We are counting days to meet you all again in our new salon...
Bea, Aga, Ana and Ellie