Plasma Pen 

Plasma Pen Lift - it is an aesthetic non-invasive treatment that uses a highly specialise device to heal the skin , to tighten and firm it. 

Plasma removes or reduces fine line, wrinkles, scarring, uneven colouration and sagging skin. 

Plasma Lift price guide ( exact price to be confirmed during a consultation):

1 area  from £99

Upper/lower Eyelid       £189

Crow's Feet         £179

Top Lip      from £179

Full Neck            £359

Eyebrow lifting  £259

Derma Fillers

- Nose to mouth lines
- Marionette lines (lines from the mouth to the chin)
- Perioral lines (smoker’s lines)
- Cheek Enhancement
- Non-surgical nose job (straightening the bridge of the nose)
- Any fine lines or wrinkles on most areas of the face
- Lift corner of the mouth
- Dimply chin
- Lip enhancement

Prices:  0.5ml …………………….from £99 
            1ml ……………………….from £159 
Exact prices, the type of filler and the number of syringes to be confirmed during your consultation.


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