Beauty Treatments

Please take a moment to read the aftercare advice in next chapter, it is important that you become fully aware and understand what should be done by yourself both before and after a treatment in the interest of your personal health, safety & well-being.


 Perfect Manicure                                                                         £25
 SPA Manicure with exfoliation & Warm Mask Treatment £30 
 Shape & Polish Express £15 
 Shape & Polish with dry cuticle work
 Gel Polish Manicure (14 days chip free)                  £32 
 Gel Polish SPA Manicure with exfoliation & Warm Mask Treatment£37 
 Gel Polish Shape & Polish £24 
 Gel Polish Removal & Re-Apply£29 
 Gel Polish Removal £10 
 Perfect Pedicure  £31
 Pedicure Plus - with hard cracked skin & calluses razor removal£37 
 SPA Pedicure  with Feet Massage & Mask Treatment* £35 
 Toes Shape & Polish with dry cuticle work£24
 Gel Polish Perfect Pedicure* £39
 SPA Gel Polish Pedicure, Feet Massage & Mask Treatment* £45 
 Toenails Gel Polish Shape & Polish £23 
 Toenails Gel Polish Removal& Re-Apply£29
 *razor hard skin removal is an additional treatment 


          Massage Therapy
 Full Body Stress Relief (60min) £45 
 Full Body Deep Tissue Massage (60min)£49
 Back, Neck & Shoulders Deep Tissue (30min)£35
 Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage (30min) £30 
 Hot Stones Back, Neck & Shoulders (30min)£35 
 Hot Stones Full body Massage (60min)£55 
 Warm Autumn Package (50min)                                RRP: £55£33
 Indian Head Massage (20min)£25 


 Eyebrows         £10
 Upper Lip or Chin £5 
 Face Sides & Jaw Line£10
 Full Face excl eyebrows£19 
 Full Arm £16 
 Underarm £10
 1/2 Arm £12
 Full Leg £25 
 1/2 Leg £18
 3/4 Leg£20
 Brazilian Bikini                                     £25 
 Playboy Bikini                                    £27 
 Hollywood Bikini                                 £28 
 Extended Bikini Line£20 
 Bikini Line £10 
 Full Legs & Bikini Line £25 
         Eyes & Eyebrows  
 Eyebrow Tint £7
 Eyebrow Henna£15
 Eyebrow Threading £10
 Eyelash Tint £10
 Brow Lamination NEW!!                                                                           £40£30 
 Microblading  - Eyebrows                                        RRP: £250 £179
 Microblading Top-Up                                                 RRP: £80£50 
      LVL Lash Volume & Lift 
 Lash Volume & Lift                               £29 

       Mink Lash Extension
 1:1 Classic Extension  (90min)                                £45
 3D-4D LightVolume Extension (pre-made) (90min)£55
 Hybrid Mix Volume 7 Classic (90min) £55
 3D-4D or 5D-6D Intense Volume Extension (120min)     £65
 6D-10D  Mega Russian Volume (150min) £75
Infill 1:1 or 3D-4D pre-made - 3 weeks (60min)                         £30
Infill Any Volume - 3 weeks (90min)     £40 
 ***After 4 weeks we recommend full set as it is difficult to catch up with significant regrowth.*** 

         Spray Tan
 Fake Bake Original     / Sienna X                             £23
 Fake Bake 60 Min Solution   / Sienna X 60 Min £23 




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