Our experienced team with an extensive knowledge of hair cutting and colouring to give you exactly what you expect and will provide you with as much information and advice as you need during a consultation. 

Only professional hair care products are used within our hairdressing salon. This ensures that the highest standard of quality within all our services are always achieved.

           Cutting & Styling Senior 

 Cut & Blow Dry*                                 £35
 Re-design Cut & Blow Dry*                     £45 
 Wet Cut*£25 
 Blow Dry:                                                
 Pixie Short£15
 Smooth/or GHD straightening*                      £20 
 Hollywood Volume*                                     £25 
 Spiral Iron Curls*                                           £20
 Hair-Up                                                        £25 
 Gents Dry Cut&Style£18 
 Gents Shampoo, Cut&Style£22
 Fringe Trim  £5
 Children     under age of 10 years                           £12
 Children    above 11 years old £35
         Colour Services  
 Full Head One Colour * £45 
 Roots Retouch £33
 Block Colour and folis mix*             £58
 Glossing - adds shine Top Coat* £15
 Full Head high/Lowlights *                        £62
 Half Head High/Lowlights *                      £45
 T-Section High/Lowlights * £35 
 Highlights upgrades:*  
 Semi-permanent toners for highlights
 with selection of tones*                              
 Colour Correction - Price on Consultation  
       Moroccan Oil Hair Treatments  
Intensive Repair or Hydrating Treatment
(as additional treatment only)

    * All prices are subject to length and density of hair, and are inclusive of consultation and refreshments.
    * Colour treatments do not include cutting and styling.

  • Please ask your stylist for service and price clarification during your consultation.


• Cutting Re-design - if you want a new look you'll need to discuss your needs with your stylist, go through hairstyle guides and work out what works best for you - this is a re-design It takes longer than a normal cut because of the longer consultation needed.

• Highlights Full Head - All over highlights using foils or cup and our state of the art of highlighting technology. A full Head of highlights will give you an amazing natural dimensional look. We'll also use more than one colour to achieve this look - we can easily mix shades lighter and darker to give you a real three dimensional natural look. You'll absolutely love it.

• Highlights Half Head - Half the amount of foils used for a full head of highlights. This will still give you the dimensional look and again we'll use tones to blend your highlights.

• Highlights T-section - Also known as a ¼ head where the central parting and front fringe colour is refreshed and highlighted (imagine a T shape when seen from above). This is great if your roots are starting to show or you just want to refresh your look - everyone will think you just had another full head when really you just refreshed your look.

• Creative Colour – Full head colour service using our state of the art of colouring technology. A Creative Full Head Colour will give you an amazing natural dimensional look. We'll also use mix techniques including foils and more than two colour to achieve the best 3D look. With Creative Colour techniques we can easily mix shades lighter and darker to give you a real three dimensional natural look. You'll absolutely love it.

• Flying Colours - Freehand colour that is painted onto random pieces of hair suitable for shorter hair styles. This may also be known as a shoe shine and will normally last until the next cut. Again a great way to try out colour to see if it's for you.

• Full Head Colour - An all over permanent colour that lasts between 10-12 weeks. Up to 100% grey hair coverage.

• Re-growth - Colouring of roots after having a permanent tint to refresh the look.

• Colour Touch - a semi permanent tint that lasts between 7-10 weeks. If you're scared of colour try this to see if you like it. Up to 50% grey hair coverage.

• Colour Fresh - With no ammonia or peroxide, Color Fresh is a gentle, semi-permanent hair colour that's particularly suited to clients with blonde hair or higlights. It gives superb colour results and adds extra shine to hair. Lasts between 7-10 weeks.

• Bleach - if you want very light coloured hair we can bleach your hair.

• Colour Correction / Change - changing colours or correcting a previous salons colours (or home colour attempt) can be time consuming and requires a great deal of skill. The Colour Correction includes change of wrong colour, correcting too light colour, correcting too dark colour, correcting brassy or dull colours.

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